New startup: Amsterdam fit nation

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“A brand that will challenge the status quo by bringing activewear that fits like a second skin, has amazing quality and is produced under fair working conditions and ecofriendly circumstances, because we care.” 

Who are you guys? Why have you founded Amsterdam Fit Nation?

Amsterdam Fit Nation is founded by two sisters from Amsterdam who are true fitness fanatics. Dissatisfied with contemporary activewear industry they decided to startup their own brand for fitness clothing.

Amsterdam Fit Nation, what's in the name?

The name Amsterdam Fit Nation derives from the fact that the idea for the brand was born in Amsterdam, as well were both of its founding sisters ;) Furthermore Amsterdam is known as a free, individual, strong, fierce and independent city, which is exactly what AFN represents too.

Which problem do you solve?

“We think that paying a high price for a product that lasts for a short time is outdated. We also think that producing a product under unethical circumstances and trough a process that harms the environment is outdated and on top of that very unnecessary. And last we think that activewear that does not fit well, and does not support the athlete during the workout is just plain foolish. AFN will change all that, because we care about these three qualities.”    

"We target people who care about: health and sports, appearance and quality, working conditions for factory workers and the environment."   

What defines you? What makes your product or service unique?

At the current activewear market AFN will be the first brand that offers products that are produced under fair working conditions and under ecofriendly circumstances. Right now a product is either ecofriendly or it is produced under fair working conditions. The customer should not have to choose between these two, equally important, qualities. That is what makes AFN truly unique, the brand combines these two qualities. Next to that, AFN believes that everyone who works out deserves to be treated like an athlete. “We care about you being a healthy and positive athlete, that is why we manufacture fine looking conscious activewear. Activewear that emphasizes the strong points of your physique, so that you start your workout with self confidence. Because when you feel good about yourself, you will preform better. At AFN we desire that our products will contribute to your progress and success.”

Where will the company be in 5 years?

AFN has the ambition to become a worldwide known activewear brand within the next five years. AFN would like to broaden her company by producing and selling her own brand of proteins and basic supplements. The definite goal of AFN is to open up a gym where everything will come together. The gym will mainly focus on weightlifting and other strength exercises. Here AFN can take  coaching and personal training to the next level, the same goes for the nutrition plans. Within the gym there will be a shop that will sell the AFN activewear, accessorizes, proteins and supplements. By then AFN will have her own fitness team, “Team AFN”, who’s athletes will participate in fitness competitions and represent AFN. Go check out their website: Amsterdam Fit Nation.

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